Movion opens new markets in Chile and Colombia

Movion has taken part in the commercial mission to Chile and Colombia organized by Málaga Commercial Chamber.

The constant seeking of new solutions and new markets, has moved Movion to go to Chile and Colombia in the frame of a commercial mission organized by Malaga Commercial Chamber. As we were quite sure of the expectations our products and services could create, Movion has opened really interesting leads with companies as well as with institutions.

The contacts made in Chile and Colombia have been really productive. Institutions like Department of Investigation of Chile Police or National Police and Army from Colombia, among others, have clearly seen the potential of the solutions offered by Movion, which combine data capture/reading mobile devices and management application development. The technologies which caught the attention were mostly centered in mobile systems for identification and access control through fingerprint capture, Passport checking and ID card validation.

On the other hand, we have already closed distribution agreements for Movion services and products with companies such Bprog Ltda. (Chile) or Robotec Corporation (Colombia). These companies will provide Movion an entree into Latinoamerican market.

The business trip of Movion to Chile and Colombia has drawn attention of media, which have published the news.

Movion is the official and exclusive distributor for Grabba in Spain, Portugal and Morocco, and authorized dealer for Latinamerica. Grabba is the world leading manufacturer of attachments for consumer smartphones that make it possible to access and work with data thanks to its exclusive and patented data capture technology through USB. See and example of how Grabba devices work clicking here.

If you are interested in getting more information about our solutions and capablities in BlackBerry or Android application development or even on what Grabba devices can do for your company, please contact us filling our contact form.


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