Movion, winner of BlackBerry Jam Session Andalucia 2012

Movion clearly bets for BlackBerry BB10 and NFC technologies.

Going for BlackBerry and BB10, Movion wins the BlackBerry Jam Session Andalucia 2012, with an application developed in BB10, NFCPharma.

After 10 hours of hard work, the team of Movion has deployed an application in BB10 for BlackBerry focused to pharmacy, in order to make it easier to recognize and access to medicines data using NFC technology and BB10 for BlackBerry.

Movion, winners of BlackBerry Jam Session Andalucia 2012

Movion's team, together with Jorge del Casar (second on the right), BlackBerry Developer Evangelist

The hackathon, organized by RIM last 10th of November in Malaga, counted with the participation of 30 developers, who deployed 7 mobile applications for BlackBerry.

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